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absolutely loved it. not much to add. kind of my type of humor.

after watching the vid and in the middle of rofl i read the authors comments 'im sorry' . That finished me off :D might be pointless, but it still packs some laugh. the 'wobbly' animation adds to the idea of the whole thing. well done

nice choice

im voting 6 probably just for the choice of the punchline :) Blasing Sadles.. mmm.. remember that movie. one of the best lines in the movie

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prety nice

quait nice game indeed. only the problem as stated in other posts below most of the time i had not enough time to spawn good units to defend when they were overkilling all light ones. and to add to it after i reached lvl 14 all the gold i get is kind of useless because i have nothing more to buy, upgrade or anything. so if improving these spots this is a nice little game.

Kalinium responds:

Thanks. Again - what difficulty are you playing? According to the scoreboard, only one person has got to level 25 on normal so far, and nobody has finished the game on hardcore! If you're maxing out your gold, perhaps you should try a harder difficulty.

Thanks for your feedback!

almost fabulous

i would say its perfect just found a small problem. when in ataking mode (or how its called) got stranded in a small peace of land and couldn't go out. all monsters outside. had to stop playing becouse couldnt reach monsters :(


nice game, easy but fun lvl's. enjoyed all of it :D

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Makes me wona listen to it again and again. i'm of the male species but got to admit... girl you know how to make some music :)

(thumbs up)

well... i enjoyed listening so don't think there's nothing else i could add to it

maer808 responds:

thanks man unfortunately its not done yet :\


if that took you 30 min im waiting for some of your "serious" work :) 9/10 just becouse its only 30 min :P

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Some background would have made it a 3-3.5

slutstorm responds:

maybe in a future remake

giving it only 4,5 just because of the cigaret. it hangs in the air on some occasions, apart from that its magnificent. nice work.

loving it. great pease.

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